Legal administrative support services offered:

  • Digital transcription—interviews, court proceedings, WatchGuard and ICOP video, 911 dispatch, depositions

  • Correspondence and pleadings

  • Filing/efiling with State, District, Appellate, Bankruptcy and Supreme Courts–have prepared three Writs of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court

  • Experienced in many areas of legal practice: criminal, corporate, commercial, oil and gas, divorce and family, adoption, estate planning, probate, corporate, personal injury, bankruptcy, medical malpractice

  • Notary Public

Transcript services provided to:

  • Federal Hearings Offices* (nationwide)

  • Law Enforcement Agencies* (statewide)

  • State legal agencies and hearings offices*

  • Attorneys in Billings, Helena, Bozeman, Hardin and Stanford

  • Private Investigators

  • Insurance Offices

  • Court Reporters

  • Western Heritage Center for Oral History Exhibits: “The Real West:  Farming and Ranching Families of the Yellowstone Valley” and “Echoes of Eastern Montana:  Stories from an Open Country”

*Not specifically identified for confidentiality purposes.  If you would like a reference, please call me.

It sounds like you keep really busy.  How do you have time to take on any new work

I do stay pretty consistently booked, but I am a good juggler for those ASAP jobs.  And work does ebb and flow—when it ebbs, I am out doing something fun!  When it flows, well, there was a time when I could pull an “all nighter”—getting too old for that now, but I still try.  I hear the words “trial next week” and it is all systems go.  None of my clients have ever missed a deadline because of me.

I am an attorney—what happens if I request a transcript and the opposing attorney is one of your clients?

That has happened.  As soon as I am aware of that fact, I contact both attorneys (usually via email) stating that so-and-so requested a transcript, I do work for both attorneys, but want to ensure that there is no perceived conflict of interest by either party.  I will ask that they each provide me their “yes” or “no” in writing before I proceed.  It has happened a handful of times and no one had a problem with it.  I am a neutral, third party who does not play favorites with any client.  I treat everyone as first come, first serve.  One time it became obvious that I personally knew the attorney’s client—I stopped my work immediately, contacted the attorney to return the work, and permanently erased what e-files they had provided me.  I love my job too much to jeopardize my reputation for confidentiality.

I have a 60 minute audio to be transcribed—how long will it take and what will it cost?

3-4 hours depending on audibility.  People talk at a speed of approximately 180-220-260 words per minute.  I type 90-100 words per minute and rewind time must be considered with multiple speakers, background noise, etc.  I charge $35.00 per hour.  To help a client calculate their cost, I tell them to figure $2.25 per audio minute.  I know there are online companies that advertise $.99 per audio minute—not sure how they make a living OR what kind of product the client receives.  Your transcript will be bound and formatted according to mandated requirements and a PDFed e-copy provided you.

Is a transcriptionist the same thing as a Court Reporter? 

No.  Both the transcriber (or legal transcriptionist) and the court reporter transcribe the spoken word, but a court reporter is present, requires state licensing/certification, and utilizes a wholly different and specialized software.

As a transcriptionist, I take previously recorded information and make a typewritten copy.  Recorded information has usually been in the form of tape cassettes—large and micro.  But today, with the advent of DSS files and audio media, the recording is more often than not done digitally.  I utilize specialized equipment software in order to play, rewind, speed up, or filter audio to ensure an accurate transcript.  I also have software to convert video to audio for compatible use with my transcription software.  For my legal clients, I do a “certification” at the end of a transcript, like a court reporter, to verify that the parties are persons unknown and unrelated to me and that I represent the document to be a true and accurate transcript.