How did you get started in your business?

It was a total fluke!  While I have an independent nature, a “go-getter” attitude, and am fearless (and a bit stubborn) when I get an idea, a lot of it was timing, coincidence and positive reinforcement from others.

First “official” job was with a business acquisition firm where I learned all things real estate.   Then went to work for Attorneys Lawrence S. Cole and Michael G. Majerus—both now retired.  When they parted ways, each of them, and other legal offices I networked with, wanted me to do work for them “as needed” and or temp from time to time.  So I set up a home office and worked in and out of that until the building manager for Transwestern I (where I am now) asked me to take a space in their building.  And since I sit in a lobby area and direct visitors to other offices, I do not have to pay rent!

I am never bored with my job, am always learning something new, and my knowledge and skills are always growing and adapting to the ever-changing business environment.

Are you on social media?

Yes, I have a facebook page for Secretarial Services–which I am still working on.  Creating a webpage has been easier than facebook!  I have personal social media accounts but I am extremely selective (think blood relative) before I will accept your friend or follow request.  Please do not be offended.  Besides, it is a crazy world out there and you might not want people to know you know me.

For inquiring minds!

Born in Hayden Lake, Idaho, but my family moved to Billings when I was seven so this is home.

Graduated from Billings West High School and the Career Center with emphasis on all things secretarial.  Yeah, back in the day I even knew shorthand.  Am always looking for ways to grow my knowledge in many areas (both personally and professionally) and have taken numerous night courses, attended lectures, and love googling for answers to any question.

Married for 31 years to Chris—I was young and he tells people he had to finish raising me.  No children, but numerous cats throughout the years.  Yes, think Crazy Cat Couple.

We love to travel, camp, hike, bike, walk and do volunteer work.  He plays the guitar, I play the radio.

Finally–go LA Rams!